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Usher in a world of freedom. 

Guide dogs go through a world of change during their training. From playful pups, they become trailblazers. From roly-poly fluffballs, they become leaders. Partnered with a Canadian with sight loss? They become everything: a best friend, a travel companion, a barrier-breaker, the guide to a whole new world.

That’s exactly what Barney is to Cindy Shone. Before their life-changing partnership, she says it felt like danger was everywhere. With Barney beside her?

“My life doesn’t feel limited anymore,” says Cindy. “It feels like it’s mine to live again. I have my freedom back.” 

Cindy with her guide dog, Barney.

With the help of generous supporters like you, CNIB Guide Dogs is bringing freedom to more Canadians living with sight loss, at no cost to them. Last year, we partnered six dogs across Canada. Our long-term vision is to partner a guide dog with every Canadian who wants one.

"I don’t know how I ever managed without him. I’m going places I’ve never been,", says Cindy. "He’s always looking, watching, paying attention. He saves my life every single day. Barney was meant for me."

This year, help Canadians find the CNIB guide dog meant for them. Help more people with sight loss live with freedom, confidence and independence, with a guide dog by their side. This year, change lives. This year, donate.

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